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Sidmouth ladies’ win annual meeting with the gentlemen

 Sidmouth ladies’ win annual meeting with the gentlemen

Last week saw a very popular event with the staging of ‘The Last Supper’ which is a gathering in honour of all those who have played during the summer in the club’s Sunset Umbrella meeting, writes Carol Smith.

The ‘supper’ part of the things comes after the final action of the season in the Umbrella meeting and this year those present enjoyed a splendid – and substantial – fish and chip supper, washed down with a glass or two of liquid refreshment!

The 2021 Sunset Umbrella began in June, but, because of covid restrictions, the suppers didn’t start until August and the they were organised by a team comprising of Liz and Steve Boyle, Mary and Phil Meadows together with Karen Hollingdale and Chrissie Leedham. 

In terms of the bowls in the Sunset Umbrella, the honours went to Chris Ward while the runner-up was none other than Ray Tallent.

In other action, Sidmouth men travelled across to Budleigh for what was the men’s final game of the outdoor season. At the halfway stage, Sidmouth were doing very well, winning on three of the four triples and with an overall advantage of 35 shots to 22.

However, over the second half of the meeting, Sidmouth were pegged back and, at the close, had suffered defeats on two of the four rinks to lose the match by the overall score of 63 shots to 58. The best Sidmouth triple was that of Ron Clint, Wilf Radburn and skip Roger Stewart, who won 24-11.

A mixed team from Phear Park Exmouth visited and they commented on how well our green was playing, being faster and less bumpy than theirs. This is thanks to our dedicated greenkeepers Barry and Graham, who have worked tirelessly ridding us of the pesky leatherjackets, and needing to reseed several times.

The match was played in a friendly atmosphere and the weather was, once again, very kind! The overall result was a convincing win for Sidmouth, with success on all four rinks with the overall final score being 89-53.

The top Sidmouth rink was the one of Ray Tallent, Wilf Radburn, and skip Susie Bonnell, who recorded an outstanding score of 26-11.

Next up, we report on the ‘friendly’ needle match which is, of course, the ladies versus gentlemen encounter. This is usually held at the beginning and end of each season.

However, owing to the covid situation, the early season meeting was cancelled which was, something of a bonus for the ladies, for the men are often victorious in the early season meeting with the greens are much heavier at that early stage of the season.

This latest meeting produced the usual round of good spirits and lots of laughter! What’s more the final outcome served up a very good result for the ladies who won the match by a margin of two shots at 49-47.

The top rink for the ladies was the one of Chris Radburn, Mary Meadows, Anita Mason and skip Zena Johnson, who won 22-11. Usually the winners buy the drinks after the action has been played out – but, as is tradition, I think the men did. Ooops’ I almost forgot, but it would be rather remiss of me not to mention, that the men did actually win on two of the three rinks!

The Sunset Umbrella players
Chris Ward receives a bottle of wine after his Sunset Umbrella success.

Stephen Birley

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