About East Devon Sport

Here at East Devon Sport (EDS) we have a passion for reporting on local and grassroots sport.

We are keen to put the spotlight very much on all sports through the age groups from football and rugby to cricket, bowl and golf with all manner of sports in-between.

We will also be looking to provide a platform for all manner of youth football and, to that end, will have a service that allows parents and guardians to ‘scrapbook’ the journey their youngsters might take in the sporting world.

In bygone days many a parent or guardian would have rushed out to buy a local weekly paper in the hope of finding a report on a local match that could be ‘cut out’ and added to a scrapbook and here at EDS we’ll be offering a service that provides custom made ‘cuttings’ that can ultimately be placed in a scrapbook.

To ensure your sport and club/team/group are included please keep us informed.

Send your reports to info@eastdevonsport.co.uk


We are always eager to help out local businesses by advertising their companies within our online platforms. This can also include social media coverage and our in-house digital marketing team would be more than happy to assist you with how to best generate new business via advertising with us.

For all advertising inquiries, please contact:

Stephen Birley 
01392 882477