An interview with Fenitons Badcott

 An interview with Fenitons Badcott

Last week we spoke to Tom Badcott from Feniton FC and we discussed all things football and how lockdown effected his passion for the game.

Firstly, we asked: “How did you keep fit over lockdown?”

Badcott said, “Firstly, thanks for getting in touch, it’s great to see East Devon Sport form and I’ve enjoyed reading the content you guys have produced so far!

I kept as fit as I possibly could, despite carrying a long term calf injury which can set me back at times if I over do it. In Lockdown 2 The gaffer set up some running targets and challenges for us to compete against each other as a squad and it was good competition. Matty Kingdon the chairman, evidently idolises Mo Farah, as he was doing some crazy distances for one of the older guys at the club – he clearly wants to keep his shirt!”

Then, we asked: “Did you find yourself watching more or less sport on TV?”

He replied, “In all honesty football is the only sport that majorly appeals/interests to me, so I watched a lot of football where possible. In particular I’ve been loving Exeter’s form of late and watching them on ifollow has been class! It’s great to see fans back at SJP now and surely city will finally seal the deal this year?!”

We then discussed the impact of minimal social contact before and after games, and how that may affect football, Badcott said:

“For sure the lack of a social side in grassroots football has a different feel to it, but I think ultimately the vast majority are involved in football to play football, so that doesn’t change. At Feniton we have a top group of lads in both sides (1s and 2s) and the camaraderie between both squads is great. With both teams winning lots of games, yeah of course it would be nice to stay after games, socialise with each other and celebrate a good Saturday, but that time will come again.”

We then asked: “How glad are you to be back now and how do you see your chances of success at Feniton this season?”

Badcott answered: “Yeah I’m buzzing to be back! We are in a title race and have a 100% record so far so the lads and myself are eager to keep that run going for as long as possible! We’ve got a squad of players that are certainly capable of playing higher. The thought of potentially winning the league with the club that I’m heavily involved in (coaching and playing wise) would mean a lot to me.”

Finally, we asked Badcott whether he had any further comments with regards to how the FA have handled the management of grassroots football during Covid-19?

He said: “Where to start on that one… I think ultimately communication they’ve given to grassroots leagues has been painfully slow at times. I was also all for the #LetFansBackIn movement. Progress has been made there which has been good to see.”

We, at East Devon Sport, would like to wish young Badcott all the best for the rest of the season. To stay up to date with how Tom and Feniton Football Club get on each week, check out our site at to follow their season.

Will Birley

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