Axe Cliff Golf Club honour the memory of Dawn Stewart

 Axe Cliff Golf Club honour the memory of Dawn Stewart

There is a very special memorial area at Axe Cliff Golf Club that is lovingly tended by our ladies section, writes Dave Bruce.

It’s all done in honour of the memory of the late Dawn Stewart who was a long time member of the club and indeed a former captain.

I remember her as a formidable character and very active member. She and her husband Ian, lived in Seaton where they ran a Care Home for many years.

I think it was called Ashbury House which was on the corner of Fore Street and the Underfleet.

Before that they spent many years working abroad. Ian was an agronomist.

They left Ashbury House and went to live in Seafield Road.

When Ian died Dawn moved to Ryalls Court and when she died she left a bequest to our ladies’ section, hence the cherry tree, her favourite, was planted in this pretty little area just off the third green and the garden area around it has been lovingly developed over the years, much to Dawn’s approval I am sure.

The picture that supports this article was snapped by Dave Bruce and is of the Memorial in honour of Dawn [Stewart]

Stephen Birley

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