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 Axe Cliff Golf Club news

Introducing lady captain Anne Jarvis

I first played golf in 1999 while on holiday on the Island of Arran with an older friend who was a keen golfer.

I was familiar with playing sports, which involved a moving ball and found it surprisingly difficult to hit a stationary one and it stayed that way until 2014!

My main interest in visiting Scotland since 1986 has been to participate in the obsession of ‘Munro Bagging’.

To date I have ticked off 252 peaks over 3000ft, but still have more to complete.

Visits to Scotland have been less frequent since moving from Wetherby in Yorkshire to Colyford in 2011 following my marriage to a long-time friend, unexpectedly widowed.

My husband, whose main sport has been cricket, had also played golf as a member at Okehampton and suggested I took up golf so we could play together. And so in 2014 we joined Axe Cliff.

The lady members at Axe Cliff were very welcoming and very patient, and with the help of now retired professional coach Andrew Thompson, my game has gradually improved.

I was honoured to be nominated as the lady captain for this year.

We have a small, but very committed ladies’ section and, pandemic permitting, will take part in county competitions as well as our weekly programme.

My hope for the future of our club is that more ladies will join our friendly group to play our interesting and scenic course.

Having taken up golf on retirement I would encourage younger people to consider having golf lessons as an investment for the future.

A good swing at an early age is never forgotten and would help enjoyment of this challenging and technique sensitive sport, which, if dropped, can be taken up again and continued well into advancing years. What’s more, golf is also a social pastime that has been proven to contribute to good health and general well-being.

(Our thanks go to Dave Bruce for presenting is with this article)

Stephen Birley

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