Axe Cliff Medal win for Colin Hales

 Axe Cliff Medal win for Colin Hales

Axe Cliff Seniors’ had ‘reasonable’ weather when they met to play their first medal competition since returning to action, writes Dave Bruce.

Such was the interest that all the buggies were booked.

This is not considered a ‘favourite’ event as we all have to play off the white tees which add so much to the length of each hole, particularly on the second, trying to get safely over the ridge and you have to finish each hole even if you take ten to get out of a bunker – something that happened to yours truly!

It is a chance for the big hitters to shine and so they did! In Division One it was Colin Hales who took the honours, closely followed by club scratch champion Stuart Mackie while Steve Bond took third place.

In Division Two it was Octogenarians Sid Pember and Gilbert Cox , helped by their new generous handicaps, who showed the youngsters how to play, taking first and second places respectively. By comparison to the first two, a relatively young Peter Casey had to be satisfied with what was a most credible third spot.

Axe Cliff Seniors were three-and-a-half to one-and-a-half winners when they entertained a strong team from Mortehoe in their home match in the opening round of the Emerton Court Competition.

Mortehoe were well looked after by Clare and her catering team and many thanks must go to Rob Grove and Gilbert Cox, who helped on the day with ball spotting support for both teams.

Stephen Birley

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