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Axe Cliff Waltz success for Mick, Peter and Paul

 Axe Cliff Waltz success for Mick, Peter and Paul

The Axe Cliff Ladies played the final round of their Axe Cliff Cup and as a Medal, writes Dave Bruce.

I am unable to reveal the winner of the prestigious Cup as it is being secretly held so it can be announced at the Presentation Luncheon in December. However, I can say that the winner of the last round was Karin Cox with a net 79 and she was pushed all the way by Captain Anne Jarvis with net 81 with third place going to Stella , who carded a net 84. ‘Who is the winner of the Cup?’ – I hear you say……

The Axe Cliff Seniors have been busy of late and they joined the ladies for the playing of the popular Gruesome Cup. In no particular order, the Mars’ bars were won by Captain John Hanna and Janet Dack, but the cup was won by Barbara Cummings and Paul Curtin.

Last Friday in conditions that were overcast, but dry, indeed it was a beautiful Autumn day, Captain John and many of our section turned out for a ‘Fun’ game – the Axe Waltz. Those dancers amongst folk reading this will be familiar with the ‘strictly, one-two-three, and I must report that it is indeed, the only ballroom dance that even I can do!

Anyway, back to the golf and, in teams of three, playing stableford points, in strict order you start with only one best score counted; then you are allowed two to count and, on the third all three can count. In true Waltz rules you then repeat the same for the next three and so on until all 18 holes have been played. If my maths serve me well then any team playing to par would get 72 points, (6 x 2; 6 x 4; 6 x 6). Not known for his dancing, Mick Swann must have relied heavily on twinkle toes Paul Curtin and Peter Casey’s good posture in his team as they won with an amazing 79 points. Not far behind was that steady partnership of Bernard Hanson, Terry Atkins and new member B Dearling. Trying to make up for his Mars Bar performance with the Ladies, Captain John picked great performers in Alan Morgan and Nigel Pritchard and took third spot with a respectable 74 pts. I have to feel sorry for Chris Alexander who drew the short straw by having myself and old Geoff Hughes (86) in his team. We did manage to get 62 points and were able to beat Phil Christmas, Norman Bowles and Ron Bragg by one point. Mind you Chris is a Sunderland supporter and is hoping that Steve Bruce

will manage them now that Newcastle have let him go!

Even the Sun came out on Sunday for the Men’s Monthly Medal and helped some good scoring. Division One was won by Brad Burraston with a net 68 followed by Stuart Mackie on 71 and Richard Gibbons took third, also with a score of 71. Division Two was won by Alan Morgan, in the form of his life, with a fine 68 with the minor places in that Division taken by Nigel Pritchard and Mark Winterbottom, both on 71. How incredible for both Divisions’ winning scores to be identical.

Many congratulations for our leader Simon Wellington celebrating the arrival of birthday number 65 on November 1. I am sorry to hear he slipped on the muddy banks of Elfordleigh Golf Hotel where lovely wife Jill took him for a short break. He should have stayed home at Axe where we continue to play on great greens and a well-drained course.

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