Axe Cliff’s new seniors captain

 Axe Cliff’s new seniors captain

Here we introduce the new Axe Cliff Golf Club seniors’ captain, John Hanna who writes…

Having been turned down by a couple of clubs, due to not having a handicap, Dave Quinn, Axe Cliff’s manager at the time, said: “Come and play, that way, we’ll get you a handicap.”

It was Seniors’ Roll Up Day, and I was given the warmest welcome.

Concerned that my standard of play was not good enough, I kept apologising, but was told by all, to stop worrying and just enjoy the game.

Appreciating the course and then the views, I was completely smitten as I looked down the valley from the fourth tee, gazed across the course from the seventh tee, stared from the sixteenth – I could go on…….

The camaraderie of the Quiz Nights! How will we get through winter without


The Variety Show, Burns’ Night and being part of the choir. What fun we had at rehearsals, with our leader, Rob Grove, keeping us in harmony. I loved taking part and feeling the buzz when the audience joined in with us.

I am hoping that Dominic, The Italian Christmas Donkey, may be asked back sometime. Then there was ‘Stars in Their Eyes’. Another great evening, arranged by Rob and Barbara who encouraged us all to have a go.

The golf improved a little and I enjoyed being part of the teams for the Friendly Matches and Emerton Court Games, where we encouraged each other to do our best.

Being asked by Rob Grove to be his vice captain last year, I decided that having gained so much from the Seniors’ Group and the club in general, I hoped I would be able to offer something to the group. What a shame, last year was as it was, but, with Rob’s guidance, we came through.

Now, as I step up to be the seniors’ captain, it is with a great deal of trepidation but it is, what it is. The most important thing is that we all stay fit and well. That way we will be able to continue playing golf. I look forward to being captain and, with a great committee behind me, we will do our best.

My most important aim is, that during my year, the Seniors will enjoy their golf!

Dave Bruce adds: “I am sure that I speak for all the members in wishing Anne, Andy & John every success and happiness and good health throughout 2021 and we will ,as always, give them our full support. We very much look forward to welcoming them on our traditional Captains’ Drive In planned, hopefully, for Sunday, April 10.”

Stephen Birley

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