Close contest in AVR Virtual 4k

 Close contest in AVR Virtual 4k

Sarah Whelan won the April AVR Virtual 4k April handicap, writes Dave Mutter.

Sarah completed the event in a time of 27:40. In second place was Alan Morbey, who finished in 20:33.

In terms of the other minor places and their times; third was Caroline Wiseman (28:00), fourth was Pam Goddard (25:51) and fifth was Cliff Marriott in a time of 19:48.

The latest results leave things mighty tight at the top of the current standings.

Eleanor Wood sits top with 62 points and just a single point behind is Maxine Sweetman (61), with Shirley Salter just a single point behind that with 60!

Jon Day sits fourth with his haul of 57 points and Pam Goddard is in fifth spot with her tally of 56 points.

This virtual event is getting more popular and this month 19 runners had a go at it.

Stephen Birley

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