Exmouth Town season ticket news

 Exmouth Town season ticket news

Exmouth Town Football Club have once again underlined just how much of an ‘inclusive’ club they are by announcing that they are giving their large band of season ticket holders the opportunity to have a re-fund on their 2020/21 season tickets.

Martin Cook, who is at the forefront of all that is so positive at Southern Road, says: “With the Western League drawing a line in the sand in terms of closing down the 20/21 season, which meant we played only 30 per cent of our home league games, we decided that we really are duty-bound to go back to our season ticket holders to offer them a refund.

“It really is the least we can do for they [season ticket holders] are always so quick to dig deep and buy their tickets to help us with that vital source of close-season fund raising.”

Town are offering £60 back to adult season ticket holders who had each paid £85 and £40 to the holders of a concessional season ticket who had originally paid out £55.

Season ticket holders are now being contacted by the club but, for any season ticket holder that has not heard from the club in the next few days then they can contact Martin [Cook] by email at cook209@hotmail.com 

Mind you, almost as soon as the ‘pay-back’ scheme was announced on the clubs superbly run social media accounts, a number of season ticket holders were very quick to contact the club to say ‘keep the money’.

Town vice chairman Adam Fitzgerald echoed the Martin Cook sentiments saying: “Such selfless acts by season ticket holders in immediately offering to forgo the chance to have a refund are so typical of the fantastic support they give the club, support which we truly are grateful for.

“That said, there will be folk who are suffering hard ship as a result of the on-going pandemic and any season ticket holder that would benefit from having a refund can rest assured that we are more than happy to do just that.”

To round things off, Martin Cook said: “At the beginning of the season, whilst selling the season tickets – and lets not forget we are talking about the summer of 2021 when the pandemic was beginning to bit – we got such fantastic support from supporters. “The football club were very quick to decide to ring fence the season ticket money in the event that, as has indeed happened now, our season was terminated early and refunds needed to be made.

“That decision from the club certainly proved to be a prudent one and so the club are able to now offer refunds to any, and indeed all, season ticket holders, if they so wish.

“It is also worth adding that the club did consider all options, particularly one where we might ‘transfer’ this past campaign’s season ticket holders with a ‘deal’ for next season.

“However, after weighing up the options we also decided that, with the past two football campaigns being ended before their time, it would also be prudent for us not to offer season tickets for the 2021/22 season as, given what happened in recent season’s, we really cannot be sure it won’t happen again!

“As ever, we value so highly our full set of supporters and thank them for their continued support.”

Stephen Birley

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