Exmouth Town Supporters Club continue to be busy – with business

 Exmouth Town Supporters Club continue to be busy – with business

The Exmouth Town Supporters Club (ETSC) continue to grow their links with local business.

The group already enjoy associations with a number of companies and now they have a couple more businesses joining the benefits scheme.

Martin Cook from the group says: “We already have a few local businesses on board already and, as a group, we are looking to support local businesses by encouraging our group to use them.

“Basically it’s a case of win/win as the businesses offer a discount to members of ETSC, encouraging them to use the business and we hope that the added incentives for members of ETSC will encourage yet more folk to join the supporters club.”

Despite there being no football on the Southern Road surface this year, the work at the ground, both on and off the pitch, has continued at a great pace.

Everyone connected with the club, and, in particular the Supporters Club can be very proud of all their superb efforts which certainly make Town a team ‘at the top of their game’ even if they are not currently playing!

One common goal at Southern Road is to embrace further relationships with local business and indeed, widen the clubs involvement within the community.

Exmouth Town Football Club are certainly, in every way a ‘Community Club’.

Stephen Birley

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