Exmouth Town youth system continues to grow – and grow!

 Exmouth Town youth system continues to grow – and grow!

Exmouth Town’s head of youth section Nick James is looking for local business folk and others who might be in a position to help with sponsorship, to get in touch.

In what has been a roller-coaster of a past few years for the Southern Road club, the youth section has continued to grow.

Nick says: “We have enjoyed growth upon growth in terms of how we have been building the club’s youth section and will, in the coming season, be fielding more junior teams than ever.

“While its fabulous that we, as a youth section, continue to grow, I am also very conscious of the need for us to ‘keep pace’ with such growth by bringing  on board the vital component for any club that is sponsorship – be that from the local business  community or maybe even individuals  who are in the fortunate position, financially, of being able to help us.

“I know that, at a time when company’s are ‘feeling the pinch’ after some 18 months of pandemic, we have, so far at Town, been so lucky to be able to attract some  wonderful support and I am mindful that we cannot ‘keep going back to the same people year in and year out’ and so, on the basis that we really do need to keep working at adding to our sponsorship support I am now appealing, hopefully, to a  wider audience.”

“If people can help us from kit sponsorship to training kit sponsorship I’d be really interested in having a conversation with them and would urge them to please, get in touch with me.”

Nick can be contacted by phone on 07860 626760 or by email at exmouthtownyouth@gmail.com


So, lets take a look at how things stand with regard to the Exmouth Town Youth Section ahead of the 2021/22 season.

The third Saturday of July saw the latest Town youth teas, the Under-7s and Under-8s take to the pitch at Exmouth Community College in their first ever training session.

Town director of youth football Nick James  said: “We could not have asked for a better morning for all concerned as so many new young footballers their football journey.”

Just three years ago the total team count for Exmouth Town Football Club in terms of youth teams was two! Now, in July 2021 as a new football season beckons, Town will be fielding two Under-18 teams and no fewer than eight teams covering the ages of Under-16 down to Under-7.

Turning to the Under-9s, Nick James says: “The Town Under-9s have been making up for lost time and they have played in a number of summer tournaments already and even had a go at playing a year up at the recent Cranbrook Tournament.

“The team are developing nicely and I do so hope they all stick together. There’s still plenty for coaches Mark and Luke to work on, but the pair are really doing a fantastic job. It’ll be interesting to see them all develop. They are a very popular team and there is a huge waiting list for players to join this team.”

As for the Under-11s, the Town head of youth football says: “This is one of our new groups and they will be working under coach Richard Ralph. Richard is a very good coach and comes with a  great reputation as a coach. There are still spaces in this team so if anyone is interested then please get in contact with us.”

Next, it’s the Town Under-13s of whom Nick James says: “Coaches Aaron and Ryan have a really good team coming together. The team has been able to recruit some new faces and I know they cannot wait for the season to start. It was a real mish-mash for them last year after restart, but they did so well. I really hope that they can do something special. I think they really deserve it.”

The Town Under-14s have a new coach with Dan Walkey stepping into the role. Nick James says: “Dan has stepped in after former coaches Nick Badger and Matty Peligry couldn’t continue because of work commitments and I’m really grateful to Dan for taking on this age group. They are a great group of kids and with some more playing additions, and given time, they’ll come good.

“They could do with another coach coming in to help Dan so again if anyone is interested I’d love to hear from them”.

Turning his attention to the Town Under-15s, Nick James says: “The Under-15s will be run this year by Martin Onyioweta who has brought some new faces in to the set-up, and they look to have a good team. Martin’s doing a great job. He’s just set up his new coaching business, which we support and endorse completely. Martin obviously needs a little bit of support, because he is incredibly busy at the moment and again, I’d love to hear from people who could come in and support Martin.”

Last, but not least, of the youth teams at Town – apart from the two Under-18 teams- it’s the Town Under-16s of whom Nick James says: “I have got our Under-16s this year! Hand on heart, I have no idea where the time has gone, its just flown by. I am both excited and positive about what we have coming up this year with this age group.

“We have some new faces coming on board and one returning. We had a great opportunity last year, but we just couldn’t find the consistency needed to push on. However, I am very confident that if we all keep working and wanting to succeed, then we will.”

If you have read through this article and would like to help Nick at Exmouth Town, be that in a coaching role or with that much sought after sponsorship support – then please do get in touch with him on 07860 626760

Stephen Birley

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