Exmouth Town’s ‘Project Disabled Parking’ is completed!

 Exmouth Town’s ‘Project Disabled Parking’ is completed!

No non-league football club in the land can surely have had as much work done since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic than Exmouth Town.

The Southern Road club have had countless projects undertaken, some supported by local business, some  that have led to sponsorship coming in from outside and some done with – well, good old fashioned, blood, sweat and tears by the rank and file membership of Town.

The latest project to be completed is the disabled parking area at Town’s Southern Road ground and it really is a site to behold to see the standard of work that has been achieved with the project.

Martin Cook, who has himself been at the heart of many of the projects says: “

In January the Exmouth Town Supporters  Club (ETSC) decided to improve the area near the new entrance to the ground for our valued disabled supporters.

“After getting a couple of quotes, we decided to see what we could do ourselves. After putting the word, out a couple of generous supporters donated some funds and we were fortunate to gain the support of DCC councillors Jeff Trail and Richard Scott, who kindly helped by awarding funds from the Councils Locality Budget .

“The final peace of the jigsaw feel into place when South West Highways Ltd (SWH) were able to help with some fantastic labour and machinery under the guidance of Paul Johnson and also help towards the cost of the tarmac and line painting.”

Martin continued: “The work commenced with a couple of our supporters helping by digging out the area and then, in the past week, week SWH completed the work!

“The club now has three dedicated disabled parking slots close to the new turnstile and three more near the clubhouse which will be most useful to disabled folk attending non football events at the club.”

Martin added: “The ETSC would like to thank everyone who have given their time effort and money to make this project work.”

As a footnote, Martin said: “We hope to have the electrician finish of the turnstiles very shortly which will complete that project as well.”

Stephen Birley

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