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Feniton boss: ‘We have simply not been good enough’

 Feniton boss: ‘We have simply not been good enough’

The Acland Park home of Feniton Football Club.

Feniton are currently on miserable run of three straight defeats – this after they had made such a promising start to their first season at step seven playing in the Scott Richards Solicitors Devon League.

Saturday’s 4-1 loss on their visit to Topsham Town follow single goal defeats at Braunton and at home to University that has left the Acland Park men slipping to fifth in the North & East Division table.

We caught up with Fenny boss James Hiscox to see what his thoughts were on all things Feniton FC.

First up we asked: ‘Its three straight defeats now for the team, what is behind this current run?’

James replied swiftly saying: “We can look at many factors here. But it’s simple we just haven’t been good enough in the right area’s. Making mistakes that have gifted our opponents opportunity’s that they have punished us for. In some games we have struggled with players abilities but that’s no excuse.”

Next up we asked: ‘The season began with so much optimism, what is the mood like in the camp at the moment – are there still good numbers at training – what is the confidence like on and off the pitch’.

James said: “The mood is a frustrated one because we know how good we can be and showed the against Exwick Villa, a side who currently top the North & East Division table, and that was a game in which we really ought to have come away with the three points.

“Yes, I think you could say at the moment the confidence if low. But we do have players set to return from injury and other absences and I am hoping that those returning will give a boost to the other players and we can get a result next time out to kick start us back into winning ways. Numbers at training are always good and that tells me that no one is ‘running away’ from anything.”

Next up we asked ‘Given the three straight defeats, what, if anything can you and indeed the players do about things in the short term’.

James replied saying: “That is very simple and it’s very much the case that ‘we stick together’ – that is the only, and indeed, the most important thing to do. If we stick together and the players adopt the principle of trusting their teammates – then the results will come.”

We then asked ‘ – Is the fact that this is the first season with the club having three teams an issue? We have already seen Ottery drop their third team and lots of other clubs have lost one – if not both – their teams – perhaps, coming out of pandemic, its just been a little bit of ‘too much too soon’?

James came back with “That is a good question, but one I can answer with absolute confidence. We have the players at the club to continue to have three teams and, of course, there are going to be occasions when we might be light in one team or another, but, and I am very sure of this – we do not have any issues vis-à-vis the three-team system at this time.”

Next up we asked, ‘Does the standard in the Devon League surprise you OR is the fact perhaps that, with the three teams dropping out (St Martins, Heavitree and Chudleigh), there is a general ‘dropping off’ of interest at first team level or maybe the case is that with the first team not enjoying the best of results some players are preferring to step down and play in the clubs other teams?’

James replied: “No, and I am very clear on this point too, the standard of play at the level we are now playing is NOT an issue for us it’s just a case of not having our players available every week. What is has done is show me that I need a bigger first team squad at this level to make sure we have the cover when players are away.”

We then asked, ‘Is there a quick fix you could apply – maybe bring in new players or perhaps change systems?’                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

James replied: “To be frank, I have been, over the past couple of weeks, looking at and indeed working on bringing in a couple of additional players but it is not that easy now that we are ‘in-season’ and I am finding lots of players are loyal to their clubs and yes, that is not such a bad thing considering how local football is struggling for players at the moment. To fix it we step forward together and don’t look behind us.”

Last, but not least, we asked, ‘Often, clubs and teams are best judged with how they deal with adversity – it tends to ‘bring out the best in a club/team’ – is this what you expect to see at Acland Park – ie, the club will come out of this and prove to be stronger as a result of the experience.

James said: “We have been a side used to winning over the last season or so, of course there will come a time when you find things don’t go your way and at the moment we are up against it. But I’m very and I do mean very, confident we will come out of this a much better side mentality and more determined.”

Stephen Birley

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