Hockey season looks to be over

 Hockey season looks to be over

Local hockey players have had their2020/21 campaign officially ended.

This impacts, across the board, men’s teams at Sidmouth & Ottery and Honiton along with many other clubs that have teams playing in the league.

This comes with a news release from the VERDE RECREO Hockey League which reads:

‘Following a meeting of the league committee on Wednesday 3rd February it has been determined that, with the exception of the Premier division, the league 20/21 season be abandoned. This follows clear feedback via a survey which the league conducted with clubs that this was the preferred option.

The league administrator will be in contact with clubs to arrange a full refund of subscriptions paid for the season.

Separate communications will follow to club league liaison officers about the potential to take part in a separate “one off” competition (subject to restrictions allowing).

There will also be separate communications with those teams in the premier division to explain how the season will be concluded. This will build on the majority view of the separate premier division survey conducted.

League subscription refunds will also be issued to premier division teams.’

As things stand, in terms of football and rugby, local teams and players, both at senior and junior level, remain unsure whether they will see any return to action for this season.

On a more positive note, the cricket season starts in earnest in just 11 weeks time and hopes are high that there will be a full campaign both at junior and senior level.

Stephen Birley

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