League cricket season cancelled

 League cricket season cancelled

As if the pandemic had not brought enough trouble to the doors of local sports clubs, there’s news today that the 2021 cricket season, at least in terms of league cricket, is set to be cancelled.

Hopes had been high that, from Saturday, May 1, an 18-week Tolchards Devon League cricket season would begin.

However, last night (Wednesday), the controlling body of cricket in England, the ECB, issued a statement that, with dressing rooms still not able to be used and the serving of teas impossible, under pandemic restrictions, what had hoped to be a ‘normal’ season was going to be impossible.

Instead, clubs are being advised to turn their grounds over to either (a) a croquet lawn or (b), a putting green for golfers.

A spokesman for the ECB, Alo Fripol said: “A second successive ‘interrupted’, indeed ‘lost’ cricket season is a huge blow, but we do feel that if cricket grounds, and their squares, were turned over, either to croquet or golf (for putting) then clubs would at least be able to run their bars and begin to get some form of financial return for their efforts. We feel that, with teas being such an integral part of the game, and the dressing room ‘banter’ being central to the game being played in the right spirit, any chance of ’normal’ league cricket this year is just out of the question.”

Stephen Birley

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