QUIZ TIME – ‘Guess the sport’

 QUIZ TIME –  ‘Guess the sport’

Here’s a NEW YEAR QUIZ with a slight difference. Its one you can/could do by copy and pasting the list of teams in ‘Guess the sport’ below and then get family and friends to take on the challenge – or you can do it off a mobile or lap top.

There are 36 teams listed with 12 sports to ‘match’ with the teams.

The 12 different sports are listed below the ‘Guess the sport’ team names and the answers are shown further down the page.

Good luck!

GUESS THE SPORT – the teams

Denver Broncos                     

Orlando Pirates                      

Swindon Robins                    

Ineos Team UK                      

TeamBU Wessex Men           

UAE Team Emirates              

Memphis Grizzlies                 

Queensland Reds                   

Pittsburgh Penguins               

Melbourne Rebels                  

Durham Palatinates Men’s     

Manchester Thunder              

Delhi Capitals                        

London Pulse                         

Kaizer Chiefs                         

Tampa Bay Rays        

Team Jumbo–Visma               

Minnesota Timberwolves       

Chicago Blackhawks             

San Diego Padres                   


Sunrisers Hyderabad              

Ipswich Witches                    

Bloemfontein Celtic               

Pittsburgh Steelers                 

Luna Rossa Challenge                       

Richmond Docklands            

Rajasthan Royals                   

Movistar Team                       

Celtic Dragons                       

New York Mets                     

Toronto Maple Leafs             

Buffalo Bills              

Emirates Team New Zealand 

King’s Lynn Stars                  

Dallas Mavericks

And the 12 sports (three of the above named teams are in each of the sports) are: Basketball (NBA); Cricket (IPL); Netball (British Super League); Baseball (American Major League); Ice Hockey (USA National League; Rugby (Australian Super Rugby); Speedway (SGB Premiership); Football (South African Premier League); American Football (NFL); Sailing (Americas Cup – Italian entry); Volleyball (English National League); Cycling (Road cycling team)


Denver Broncos                      American Football (NFL)

Orlando Pirates                       Football (South African Premier League)

Swindon Robins                     Speedway  (SGB Premiership)

Ineos Team UK                       Sailing (Americas Cup – GB entry)

TeamBU Wessex Men            Volleyball (English National League)

UAE Team Emirates               Cycling (Road cycling team)

Memphis Grizzlies                  Basketball (NBA)

Queensland Reds                    Rugby (Australian Super Rugby)

Pittsburgh Penguins                Ice Hockey (USA National League)

Melbourne Rebels                   Rugby (Australian Super Rugby)

Durham Palatinates Men’s      Volleyball (English National League)

Manchester Thunder               Netball (British Super League)

Delhi Capitals                         Cricket (IPL)

London Pulse                          Netball (British Super League)

Kaizer Chiefs                          Football (South African Premier League)

Tampa Bay Rays                     Baseball (American Major League)

Team Jumbo–Visma                Cycling (Road cycling team)

Minnesota Timberwolves        Basketball (NBA)

Chicago Blackhawks              Ice Hockey (USA National League)

San Diego Padres                    Baseball (American Major League)

Brumbies                                 Rugby (Australian Super Rugby)

Sunrisers Hyderabad               Cricket (IPL)

Ipswich Witches                     Speedway  (SGB Premiership)

Bloemfontein Celtic                Football (South African Premier League)

Pittsburgh Steelers                  American Football (NFL)

Luna Rossa Challenge                        Sailing (Americas Cup – Italian entry)

Richmond Docklands             Volleyball (English National League)

Rajasthan Royals                    Cricket (IPL)

Movistar Team                        Cycling (Road cycling team)

Celtic Dragons                        Netball (British Super League)

New York Mets                      Baseball (American Major League)

Toronto Maple Leafs              Ice Hockey (USA National League)

Buffalo Bills                           American Football (NFL)

Emirates Team New Zealand  Sailing (Americas Cup – New Zealand entry)

King’s Lynn Stars                   Speedway  (SGB Premiership)

Dallas Mavericks                   Basketball (NBA)

Stephen Birley

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