Quiz time

 Quiz time

Quiz time. That was the sporting week…….

Here we launch a new weekly quiz that looks at the sporting world over the past week. Our logic with regard to the quiz is that our followers of the website may make a regular visit to help wile away the time on the journey to away matches! Good luck!

1. FOOTBALL Diego Maradona passed away during the week. What was his middle name. How old was he. When did he play his first game for Argentina, how many times did he play for his country and name the three European teams he played for. SEVEN points – one for his middle name, one for his age, one for naming the year of his first game for Argentina and one for each of the European clubs he played for.

2. GOLF During the week Tiger Woods announced he will team up with his son Charlie in next month’s PNC Championship at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club in Orlando. How old is Tiger’s son. How many Majors has Tiger won. How old is Tiger. In what year did Tiger win his first Major and what was the competition (PNC Championship) formerly known as? FIVE points – one for his sons age, one for Tigers’ age, one for the number of Majors won by Tiger, one for naming the correct year he won his first major and one for correctly naming what the competition was previously know as.

3. TENNIS Name the two players who contested the ATP Finals played in London last weekend. What nationality is the winner. THREE points – one for naming each of the finalists and one for correctly saying which country the winner comes from.

4. DARTS Which two players contested the final of the Grand Slam of Darts. For additional points name the nationality of the winner and which player knocked Michael Van Gerwen out of the competition. FOUR points – one for naming each of the finalist, one for the winners nationality and one for naming who knocked Van Gerwen out.

5. RUGBY Name the grandson of an England cricketing legend who will make his second appearance for Wales in the Autumn Nations Cup meeting with England. For additional points how old is he and what position does he play in rugby. THREE points – one for naming the grandson, one for naming then England cricketing legend, one for saying how old he is and one for correctly stating his rugby position.

6. BOXING There is a big boxing fight in Las Vegas this Saturday night (November 28). Name the two fighters. TWO points – one for each boxer.

7 CRICKET Australia and India met in Sydney in the first ODI on Friday. Who won and name the three players who scored the most runs in the match. FOUR points – one for saying who won and one each for naming the three top scorers.

8. CRICKET England defeated South Africa in the 1st ODI on Friday. Who top scored for England , how many runs did he score. Which England bowler claimed the most wickets. Name the South Africa who, on debut, claimed figures of 2-20 from four overs of left arm spin and name the ground the match was played on. FIVE POINTS – one for the England batsman, one for his score, one for naming the top English bowler, one for naming the South African bowler and one for saying where the game was played.

9 RUGBY In rugby, which country avenged a shock defeat by defeating the same opposition in a Tri Nations match that was played in Australia this weekend, FOUR points – one for naming the two teams, one for giving the score of the ‘shock win’ previously and one for getting the score right for this latest game.

10 MOTOR SPORT This weekend is the Bahrain Grand Prix – can you name the two drivers for Mercedes, Red Bull, Racing Point and McLaren – EIGHT points, one for naming each of the eight drivers.


  1. Diego Maradona’s middle name is ARMANDO, when he passed away in midweek, he was 60 years old. He made his full international debut at age 16, playing against Hungary on February 27, 1977. He played 91 games for Argentina and scored 34 goals for his country. The three European clubs he played for were Barcelona (1982 to 1984), Napoli (1984 to 1991) and Sevilla (1991 to 1993). SEVEN points – one for Armando, one for 60 years old, one for a 1977 debut, one for 91 games, one for Barcelona, one for Napoli and one for Sevilla.

2.Tiger Wood’s son is 11 years old. Tiger, who is 44 years old, won 17 Majors with his first Major being the Masters that he won in 1977 when a 21-year-old. The competition was previously known as the ‘Father and Son Challenge. FIVE points – One for saying his son is 11, one for saying Tiger is 44, one for saying he won 17 Majors, one for saying his first Major was won in 1977 when he was 21, and one for saying the competition was previous named he Father and Son Challenge.

3. Daniil Medvedev defeated Dominic Thiem in the final of the ATP Finals played in London. Winner Medvedev is Russian. THREE points – one for naming each of the two finalists and one for saying the winner is Russian.

4. The final of the Grand Slam of Darts was won by Jose de Sousa of Portugal who defeated James Wade 16-12 in the final that was played in Coventry. Michael Van Gerwen went out in the last eight beaten by Australian Mark Whitlock. (FOUR points – one for Jose de Sousa, one for James Wade, one for saying the winner is Portuguese and one for saying it was Mark Whitlock put Van Gerwen out of the competition.

5. James Botham is the 22-year-old grandson of Sir Ian Botham. James is a flanker. FOUR points – one for James Botham, one for Sir Ian Botham, one for 22 years old and one for flanker.

6. Mike Tyson, who is 54-year-old Tyson is taking on 51-year-old Roy Jones Jr in Las Vegas on Saturday. TWO points – one for naming each of the boxers involved.

7. Aaron Finch (114) and Steve Smith (105) were the centurions for Australia while Hardik Pandya scored 90 for India. FOUR POINTS – one for saying Australia won and one each for naming the top two run scorers for Australia and the Indian batsman.

8. Jonny Bairstow made his highest Twenty20 international score as England beat South Africa by five wickets in the series opener in Cape Town . Bairstow was not out 86 from 48 balls as England won in the final over. Sam Curran, the other not out batsman at the close, was the most successful England bowler with three wickets. George Lind was the South African bowler who claimed 2-20 on debut. The match was played at Newlands, Cape Town . FIVE POINTS – one for Bairstow, one for 86 not out, one for Sam Curran, one for George Lind and one for Newlands, Cape Town, South Africa.

9. New Zealand defeated Argentina 38-0 to avenge their shock defeat two weeks ago and all but seal the Tri-Nations title. The match, played in Newcastle , Australia , saw the All Blacks gain sweet revenge for the shock 25-15 defeat to Argentina two weeks before in Sydney , Australia . FOUR points – one for New Zealand , one for Argentina , one for the 25-15 first game score and one for saying this latest game  ended 38-0 to the All Blacks

10. In Formula One and the Bahrain Grand Prix, the drivers in question are Mercedes (Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Botas), Red Bull (Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon), Racing Point (Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll), and McLaren (Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris) EIGHT points – one for each correct name.

42 points are on offer: How many did you get? 38-42; Wow! You are a sporting coach potato and must do nowt else other than watch sport and read about sort – well done! 32-37; Excellent, you clearly know your stuff; 26-31 – not bad, but room for improvement. 16-25 Fair to middling, you clearly enjoy your sport; 15 and under – OK, maybe sport is not quite your thing!

Stephen Birley

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