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 Sidmouth Running Club news

The latest news from the Mighty Greens……..

Not all Mighty Greens are runners, Jeanina Puckey, the Sidmouth Running Club’s auditor, recognised that many people are struggling through this pandemic and wanted to help them out, writes Alexa Baker.

So, very generously, she decided to forego her annual fee from the club for this year and asked that it be donated to the local food bank.

The club decided it was such a nice gesture and an excellent cause that they would match Jeanina’s donation.

Sid Valley Food Bank, based at Manstone Youth Club, seemed the obvious choice, an organisation that supported around 60 local families at its busiest.

So on Friday, Tim Clay, the treasurer of Sidmouth Running Club, handed over a cheque for £200 to Renee Forth, Chair of the Trustees for Sid Valley Food Bank. Renee thanked Tim for the donation, adding that the Food Bank was extremely grateful for all the support it received from local businesses and organisations. 

Jo Crocket is a beginner no more; she successfully ran 3 miles without stopping with Chairman Terry Bewes and will now be running the lockdown challenges as a Mighty Green.  Rob Waggett, Tilly Austin and Kathy Jordan did a great job completing two challenges this week as MG’s.

This week’s lockdown challenges were figure of eights around the Primley Road area and Malden Road circuits.

The close proximity meant several of the runners did both challenges together these include Kerry Salter, Els Laureys, Carol McManus, Tim Swarbrick, Derek Blackburn, Bex McDonald, Zsa Zsa Croft, Ross Walton, Susan Reeve, Cheryl Boulton and new member Stephanie Brown.

Emma Grainger attempted Ogle 10 this week and enjoyed the lack of mud, Amelia Frankpitt ran her first Ogle  route and found six control points where as Colin L’Anson found all 20 controls on his 12.5 mile Ogle 7 run.

The unofficial Parkrun route remains popular and this week mum and daughter, Paula and Amelie Farrand ran the route as did Andrew Swain, David Welsh, Lottie May, Tracey Scannell, Beccy Johnson, Zsa Zsa Croft, Bex McDonald and Mark Norton with a great time of 25.15 minutes.

SRC special mentions must go to Antony Hall who has had a cracking week catching up with the lockdown challenges, running two or three of them in one outing and including running the Primley/Malden loops at 6.52min/miles; Dan Prettejohn ran an amazing 30.04km at 6.15km/min pace, Bert Dykema ran an outstanding 31.10km at 6.02 km/min pace on Monday and Sarah Burston really enjoyed being out in the sun and ran 15.4 miles along the coast, river and through woods.

With no Chairman’s Off-Road Challenge set this week, it gave runners a chance to catch up with previous off road challenges they had missed.

Ross Walton ran week three’s 12-mile route, Adrian Horne ran the Harpford Woods challenge and Jenny Kay and Alexa Baker enjoyed last week’s Mincombe Woods challenge in the sun. 

Fellow MG’s ran their own off road routes; Alison Long and Liz Goodman ran to High Peak, Susan Reeve ran three trigs, Allan Kay and Kyle Baker ran Otterton to Budleigh Salterton and back, the dynamic duo, Tim Swarbrick and Derek Blackburn ran the Sidmouth Ring anticlockwise, and Jane Hemsworth and Jo Earlam met Terry Bewes on their 11 mile run as they were running to Weston trig in different directions. 

Hmmmm, wonder where next week’s off road run will be!

Stephen Birley

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